Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night

I was trapped in incredibly bizarre dreams last night, the kind that you can't awake from, the kind you receive snippets from throughout the day and try, try so hard to take yourself back to that dream moment to remember.

One was vaguely about parking my black Volvo in a lot, going to some get-together at night. I had bought new stereo speakers earlier in the day, in the dream they were huge, four feet high. They barely fit in the backseat.

There was a backyard picnic. There was partying, grilling, beer. Lots of people I didn't know, but easily had a great time. Looking for my car, it's gone. Now I'm wandering in a church parking lot looking for my car. There are millions of cars in the same spots as they were when I parked, only mine is gone. The parking spot void of any evidence, heat, of an object having been there. I worry about the speakers. I guess this is a burglary, they must have wanted the speakers, but they were too big to just smash and grab?

The cops are called. At least ten hours have transpired from walking away from the party to see a huge gaping hole in the parking lot. Like a smile with an obvious missing front tooth. Odd thing is, it's still pitch black outside with a grayish edge to it. Now I'm having a dream within this dream. I'm rationalizing my car may NOT be missing. It's a black car, now in the dream I'm remembering it as an older model hearse. So, I think maybe I just can't SEE the car because it's so dark out. In the continuing interior dream, a bit of a Shakespearean aside, I'm thinking the car is simply blending into the dark. If I close my eyes and just thrust my hands forward, I'll touch the car, find the handle and that's that.

Things get a bit sinister....the cops figure someone is pulling a prank, someone who knows me, who knew I bought speakers and who knows I'll be freaked out by this stunt. The cop opens his wallet and shows me pictures of people. The pictures are overlayed collages of people's eyes and noses pasted onto other people's faces. I had no idea I had so many enemies.

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