Thursday, September 17, 2009

Go When Ya Gotta Go

This one is about being trapped in a utility closet. It's newly built, with sawdust and the smell of freshly bludgeoned two by fours, or four by fours? Somehow, someone locked me in here and I have to pee. I look around the closet for a bucket. The room grows longer and I see another door at the end of the hall. The door is slightly ajar so I push it open. Eureka! A bathroom. I try not to let my jeans fall below my ankles and touch the floor. As I'm looking around and wondering when I'm going to be found by whomever is looking for me, I admire the gorgeous marble work and the dupioni moss green silk shower curtain. There's a bidet and matching soft green hand towels by the sink. The faucet is shaped like a gold swan. "Very nice" I think to myself.

I finish my business and pause long enough to pick up a candle on the tub rail to see who the manufacturer is. Smells like jasmine and bamboo. I hear a scratching noise and look down the hall. There are mice running at me....Lots of mice. They're screeching or screaming, I can't tell it's hard to discern their little vocal patterns. I panic, I hate mice. Why the hell are they running after me? I find myself back in the small utility closet and they start crawling up my pant leg. They're climbing faster than I can bear to grab them and fling them away.

Then I notice they have human faces.

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